"Surprisingly engrossing; intriguing and multifaceted characters ... A fantastic offering from a talented new author ... Readers will find themselves eagerly anticipating the continuation of this story.”
--San Francisco Book Review

"Our favorite acadrama book. AcaPolitics is awesome. Read it."
--Dave Brown, co-host of Mouth Off: The A Cappella Music Podcast

“Stephen swooped in from behind and wrote something brand new and totally different ... It’s a good read, and really struck a chord with me as an alumnus of the scene (as I imagine it did for many others) ... AcaPolitics is a pretty solid debut that features subject matter vital to our community.”
--Robert Dietz, Vocal Coach for NBC’s The Sing-Off

“Stephen Harrison writes these characters with such humanity, and draws his aca-world with such vibrance, that you can’t help getting sucked in ...  Reading the book was like reuniting with old friends. I laughed and cried right along with them; I can’t remember the last time a book made me feel like this.”
--Michael Marcus, The New Book Review

"Reveals the collegiate a cappella universe to be one of unparalleled hope, community, and love ... The narrative carries a real authenticity, between a respect for the intricacies of music, and a love for the rich body of quirky traditions that one could never truly separate from the a cappella world ... I loved AcaPolitics. And the best news of all about this book? It's the first in a series."
--Mike Chin, The A Cappella Blog

“If you are thinking about auditioning for an a cappella group, this book is required reading … I cringed at the truth being revealed about what happens in the audition room and how group members react to auditionees … Stephen does a great job of giving life to the different personalities in the a cappella world.”
--Mark Torres, SIN3G

"Who knew a cappella could get so treacherous? ... A unique and humorous way to look at the politics that all so often happens in real world universities."
--Midwest Book Review

“It's hard to believe this is Stephen Harrison's first novel. Not only is it a fascinating read, but it's also a primer for anyone who's considering collegiate acappella in their future. I'd recommend this book to everyone, young or old, musical or not. A pleasure to read, and nearly impossible to put down.
--Joan Hare, The ACA Winner for Favorite A Cappella Fan

"Reading AcaPolitics. This is my life >.<"
--Rachel Ann

"Just thought I'd add to the praising remarks and say how much I LOVE AcaPolitics! It's my favorite connection to the a cappella world as a grad student who totally misses it :)"
--Elizabeth Desloge

"I love AcaPolitics. I've been addicted since first read."
--Ross Hammond

"I do hope your future book tour will include Madison, Wisconsin. You may not realize it, but you have an ardent group of followers and supporters in the Midwest!"
--Joni Villaviciencio

"Considering my group is co-ed too, I read through it and basically thought, "THIS IS MY ENTIRE LIFE." The whole story has born an uncanny resemblance to acapolitics on my own campus (as it will on countless others). I'm really enjoying it!"
--Jay Miller

"I’ve never been in a collegiate a cappella group myself, but I somehow managed to entrench myself . . . I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m thoroughly enjoying the vicarious feeling of being in that world that I’m getting from the book."
--Joel Levitz

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