Thursday, May 26, 2011


A cappella. By definition, it’s simply the art of human vocal performance, unaccompanied and pure. But when Ben Jensen arrives for his freshman year at Brighton University, he finds himself caught in a chorus of forbidden romances and fierce competition.

As group president of the Harmoniums, Dani is determined to draft the top talent and use a cappella as the springboard to her future singing career. She senses Ben’s potential, and recruits him to audition. Meanwhile, Ben falls head over heels for his new neighbor in the dorms. Caroline Cooper is the girl of Ben’s dreams—she plays Spanish guitar, knows all his favorite indie bands, and loves to sing. There are only two problems: Caroline is still dating her hipster boyfriend from high school, and Dani has her own plans for the young tenor.

After the auditionees have been matched with their new groups, Student Government announces that it will be cutting one of the ensembles from the university budget. What follows is an all-out survival game as the singers attempt to sabotage each other’s plans and establish theirs as the best group on campus. Dani squares off against Taylor, the lovably neurotic president of the rival co-ed group, the Chorderoys. Also joining the fray are the singing fraternity “bros” in the Gobfellas; the “sisters in song” in the Notabelles; the geeky nice guys in the Dinos; and “a cappella with chutzpah!” from La*chaim.

AcaPolitics is a high-stakes and hilarious novel set in a diverse contemporary setting. Written by a young post-a cappella alum and filled with subtle resemblances to modern political issues,  AcaPolitics will entertain mainstream audiences and music buffs alike.
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